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July 30, 2007


John Van Atta

John got a little out of control with the some bad words, so I've edited for content -- Nate
john on 'live free or die hard':
"[really] awesome! there's this one part where he's in a tractor trailer and a fighter jet is shooting [crazy] MISSILES at him but then he jumps out of the truck ONTO the fighter jet and he's hanging on on top of it but then it crashes but he JUMPS OFF just in time! [very] awesome!"

armond on 'live free or die hard':
"this isn't nearly as good as buster keaton"

but yeah, no great films i saw. this one was [super] awesome, though.


Oh yeah, i forgot
Zoo (Devor)


Zodiac (Fincher)
Bug (Friedkin)
Zodiac (Fincher)
Zodiac (Fincher)
Zodiac (Fincher)
Away From Her (Polley)
Bourne Ultimatum (Greengrass)
Lake of Fire (Kaye)

-I saw it 4 times and it changed and got better each time.

Jeff C.

Zodiac (David Fincher)
Sleeping Dogs Lie (Bobcat Goldthwait)
(is Ferrara's Go-Go Tales ever coming out? That'll probably be the 1!)


Bug (William Friedkin)
Frownland (Ronald Bronstein)

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